How can I get funding for my project?

You can get up to $400 of funding for your project by applying through the website (link to the application). Your project should be innovative, different than what is currently available in the market, and it should solve a problem.

What are the rules with funding?

When you apply you need to include a rough break down of how you plan to use the funds.  During the competition you must keep records/documentation of how you spend the funds (digital copies are ok). You are not limited to the $400 dollars, but you will not receive more than that from BYU (initially).

What are the project requirements to compete in SIOY?

More information will follow, but the project should have impact, engineering elements, and be innovative.  It should be different than the product that exists in the market (it has to be more differentiated than just being cheaper)

Can I still compete if I did not receive funding?

Yes.  You can still compete if you do not receive funding. You can sponsor your own project if you choose to do so. If you want to compete you must have an application in before the last day in February.

When is the application deadline?

October 10th, 2018 will be deadline to receive funding for a project. The last day of February will be the last to submit to be in the  competition.

What are the rules for SIOY?

Look to the Rules and Judging rubric for more information about this.

What kind of display is available during the preliminary and final events?

The preliminary event will be outside. Electricity will be provided to those who contact us first. Below is shown what the display typically looks like:

Display: Two panels. Each panel is 4.3 x 7.0 feet


The final event will be in the Varsity Theater located in the Wilkinson Center. Teams will have a large projector screen, and will present with a prepared set of slides: try to not go over more than 10 slides. The final event needs to stay within a time frame.